Africa is our home, our continent, our history and most importantly it is our future.

Business Breakfast Series: AfroDev to Enhance Business in Africa

"Our mission in AfroDev is to enhance business in Africa and Empower 1000 women within the African Continent,” that’s how the Ambassador Mona Omar, CEO of AfroDev, started the Business Breakfast Series.

AfroDev is a leading consulting and training firm in development areas related to the African continent and to the African Union 2063 strategy. AfroDev is an African shareholding firm, based in Egypt and operating in all African countries with African governments.

On April 29th, AfroDev started its first Business Breakfast Series event in Diplomatic Club, in the presence of the keynote speakers, the Ambassador Mona Omar, CEO of AfroDev, Dr Oramah, CEO And Chairman of Afreximbank and Dr/Omar Kamal, Executive vice president of Afreximbank. The event tackled very important subjects like "Supporting trade between African Countries to collect the dots between African countries" and discussing questions about troubles of Business in Africa through answers from the keynote speaker Dr/Oramah.


Diplomats of the 21st Century and Economic Diplomacy

On Sunday, October the 8th, 2017 - AFRODEV organised a program to train 100 diplomats from 40 African countries under the title “Diplomats of the 21st Century and Economic Diplomacy ".The training comes as part of the strategy to support African cadres through training courses organized by IBDL in cooperation with EAPD, aiming to develop the skills of diplomats in increasing trade exchange between African countries and the world. This also stresses the importance of cooperation with specialized centers of excellence in all developmental fields to organize training courses aimed at African diplomats, in line with the country's strategy to travel to the continent.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hazem Fahmy, Secretary General of EAPD, Eng. Sherif Dilawar, International Economic Expert, and Dr. Khalid Khallaf, Executive Director of IBDL. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia are at the top of the list of the participating companies in the program.


Training 90 Egyptian Diplomats on Attracting Investment Skills

Within the framework of the Egyptian approach to opening up the world markets to attract investments and exports which support the Egyptian security on the economic level, AFRODEV has organized an integrated program to develop the skills of Egyptian diplomats in the fields of investment  and international trade. This program is the first of its kind in the region.

The 3-days workshop, which lasted for until Wednesday 29/3/2017, was started off by Ambassador Dr. Hazem Fahmy, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership
for Development (EAPD), Ambassador Mona Omar, Former Assistant of Foreign Minister, member of the Committee of Eminent Persons of the African Mechanism and Chair of International Relations Committee National Council of Women
and Dr. Khaled Khallaf, Chief executive officer at IBDL, along with Ms. Laila Al-Mokaddem Regional Representative of the African Development Bank, and over 90 of Egyptian diplomats. Moreover, Professor Sherif Delawar, Professor of Strategic Management and the renowned economic thinker of the Arab Academy for Sciences and technology, has overseen the workshop.

In collaboration with EAPD, AFRODEV organized a reception for the Ambassadors of African countries during the last day of the workshop on Wednesday at the Diplomatic Club. The aim of this reception was to announce offering (1000) executive education grants to African countries, which include test incentives and test for individuals from African countries.