Africa is our home, our continent, our history and most importantly it is our future.

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Our Experience



Afrodev has worked with governments, non-governmental organisations, and the private sector on a wide variety of issues ranging from capacity building, B2B opportunities, management consulting and socio-economic development. Afrodev also engages with Africa stakeholders through its policy forums, conferences and publications. For more information on our past activities see here.

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Our Approach



We believe in the importance of a holistic collaborative approach that builds on the rich experience and insights of our partners and clients. Our experienced team is multi-disciplinary and adopts structured tools and methodologies to facilitate access to information and design innovative solutions to address our clients' needs.

Why Us?



Afrodev brings together industry experts from different areas of experience with a passion and commitment to African development and growth. Our team includes seasoned diplomats, economists and top management consultants with strong track records in Africa and the Middle East. Afrodev brings future looking solutions and innovations with a deep understanding of the root causes and key challenges facing our African continent. 



A leading consulting and training firm in development areas related to the African continent and to the African Union 2063 Strategy.

We are a group of diverse and eminent top executives, experts, ranging from experienced diplomats to economists and businessmen, with extensive and diversified experiences, enabling us to provide our expertise in African Affairs.

AfroDev is an African shareholding firm, based in Egypt, and operating in all African countries, with African governments and all sectors of the populations.



"A powerful African Continent”

We aim to be a Center of Excellence dedicating its efforts to participate in the overall development of the African continent, through a wide array of services tailored to our customers required needs and expectations, exceeding them at times as well!



  • To help develop policies focusing on linking researches capacity with factors of change in Africa.
  • To provide relevant data on business climate, private sector environment in the African countries and facilitate peer to peer introduction.
  • To give African entrepreneurs exposure and help potential partners find each other, show experiences and best practices, contributing to the development of the continent.
  • To enhance capacity building in different fields, National Branding skills, national audition as well as monitoring, impact assessment and evaluation.

To provide professional advisory and consulting services customized to the specific needs of our clientele.


Ambassador Mona Omar

Chief Executive Officer

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Deputy. A public figure in the field of women Rights and a regionally renowned career diplomat, with extensive experience representing and coordinating issues of strategic interest on the international, regional and national levels. Lecturer and a regular speaker at international and regional conferences and on all forms of media. Founder and active board member of a number of organizations aimed at addressing key socio-economic issues affecting Egyptian and African development.

Her Formal Posts include Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, Ambassador of Egypt to South Africa, Ambassador of Egypt to Denmark, Assistant  Deputy Minister of African Affairs for Bilateral Relations, Ambassador of Egypt to Rwanda and Deputy Head of Mission of the Egyptian Embassy to Ethiopia. Moreover, she was a Member of the Panel of Eminent Persons of APRM (African Union), a Member of the UN Advisory Committee on Human Rights Board and a Member of the National Council of Women in Egypt, and during her Career Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo – Egypt, she established,  developed  and  strengthened  bi-lateral and multi-lateral relations with countries and international organizations across  a  number  of  geographies  -  with  significant  experience and specialization in the African continent.


DR. Ambassador Salah Halima

Head of Research Department

Ambassador Dr. Salah Halima is a career diplomat with a Bachelor degree of Economics from Cairo University, as well as a Doctorate degree from the University of Budapest in Hungary. 

With over 38 years of diverse professional experience, Amb. Halima held many prominent positions, including Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Special Envoy of the League of Arab States Secretary General to Sudan, Political Analyst and lecturer specialized in political economics; and is a founding member and Chairman of “Partners for Development”, and is a member of London Institute for Strategic Studies. 

Many of his articles and analytics regarding international relations and current events have been published. Lecturing on the various topics at different prestigious Academies and Institutes such as; Institute for Research and Strategic Studies of Nile Basin Countries, Nasser Academy and Sadat Academy.

Amb. Halima was the organizer and Secretary General for the “Road to Africa” exhibition that took place in 2016. AfroDev is honored to have the Ambassador as the Head of the Research Department.